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Helping our customers, is one of our top priorities. So, we listed what each size of our available units can easily store.


5x5 Units (25 sq ft)


Useful for seasonal decorations, small bed mattress, television, set of boxes and many more smaller type of items.



5x10 Units (50 sq ft)


Will hold furnishings for a medium size bedroom, including a queen size bed, dresser, TV, and a few storage boxes.


10x10 Units (100 Sq ft)



 Will hold up to two bedrooms of furniture, Possibly even more all depends on how you stack.


 10x15 Units (150 sq ft)


Will hold  the contents of up to a three bedroom home. Also recommended for storing other large items.


10x20 Units (200 sq ft)


Will hold the contents of up to a five bedroom home, including stove, refrigerator, washer, and dryer.



Now You Know What Size You May Need, So Here Are Some Helpful Ideas To Organize Your Unit.


Idea 1


Group your items accordingly to the way you plan to organize them.


Idea  2


 Start identifying the items you plan on putting in boxes. REMEMBER: KEEP ANY BOXES THAT YOU MAY FREQUENTLY USE CLOSE TO THE DOOR. Group your boxes by either fragility or weight. Always keep heavy boxes towards the bottom of the stack.


Idea 3


Boxes and containers should be uniform in size, we do not recommend stacking boxes more than 3 to 4 boxes high. Stack size varies due to the structure of the container or box.



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